Just what the Web needs — another damn blog.

This is my first post.
You may be wondering if I suffer from an excess of vanity, or free time, or both, to be starting a blog.
Well, maybe the first. If so, I hope that both of my loyal readers will miss no chance to slap it out of me.
My motivation is the same as any blogger’s: I have something to say.
I also believe, on scant evidence, that someone else will want to hear it.
My objective is to shed some light on topics of interest to me, and when these are subjects of debate to try to add some value to the discussion.
Please let me know if I am succeeding.
There is nothing here yet. As soon as I have any posts that would be worth anyone’s time reading, I will publish them.

One Response to “Just what the Web needs — another damn blog.”

  1. Little Sister Says:

    Well? Get with the entertainin’, man!