What’s taking so long?

This blog has been in operation since February, 2005 — but there have been no posts.
So what gives?
Since I had not announced its existence, I figured this blog was still unknown, and that I had time to learn about WordPress and try to write some reasonably decent posts before exposing myself to public ridicule.
And that has proven more or less true. In the past month, a few dozen ads for Texas Hold ‘Em and something about Chinese monkeys have been posted in the comments. The only real comment has been from an impatient sister.
So, Lisë — hold on for a short while longer. I’m getting there; promise.

One Response to “What’s taking so long?”

  1. Lise Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am still waiting. I’ve syndicated the RSS feed to LiveJournal so that I won’t miss a single word. Now hop to it.


    Yr. Sis

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