Jaworowski Changelog

Point #9 modified
This point was about how Jaworowski was wrong about a “clear inverse correlation” between depth and CO2 concentration. As Gavin correctly pointed out in the comments, the Greenland data was a poor choice for purposes of illustration, because the presence of dust and other contaminants makes the Greenland CO2 record unreliable. This was also noted in the paper by Indermuhle et al., so I can only plead carelessness.
Antarctic data has been substituted and the discussion revised. Here’s the original:

(9) ” … a clear inverse correlation …”
See last comment. Anyone who is interested can go to the Greenland Summit site, get the data and plot it. Let’s plot CO2 vs. depth for one of the GRIP cores and look for a “clear inverse correlation”:CO2_from_GRIP
Worth a thousand words, ain’t it?

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