It’s not easy being indigo.

God, I love Boulder!

As if it were not enough that this place is blessed with a perfect climate, heart-filling scenery, a lifetime’s worth of outdoor activities, an educated and tolerant populace, a great university and the NCAR library (happiest place on earth), we also enjoy the highest density of wacky beliefs per capita in the known universe. And if you have not experienced anything like the latter, don’t knock it — for entertainment, it beats hell out of the local dodecaplex, and it’s free.

As an example of Boulder’s zany bounty, let me offer an item I could never, ever have made up, believe me.

Indigo children.

Indigos, named after their supposed indigo-colored aura, are thought to be psychologically and spiritually gifted — a new generation of higher evolved humans believed to have been born in or after the 1980s. Believers say clusters of Indigos appear in well-off, open-minded communities, such as Boulder and Hollywood.

Lest the reader get the impression that one aura fits all, let’s get clear on Indigo taxonomy:

Indigo children: Supposedly children (approximately age 7 through 25) with special psychological and spiritual abilities, believed to be “sent” to Earth as highly evolved souls that will save the planet.

Crystal children: Similar to Indigo children, but younger, roughly up to age 7, with more happy, delightful and forgiving personalities. Often with large, penetrating, wise eyes.

Once I read that last, it all became clear to me: Aliens sent these children to Boulder and Hollywood so as to provide a nurturing environment for their spawn!

And, just in case you were inclined to be less than nurturing, keep in mind that Indigos can sense your thoughts and feelings:

Daniel Link, of Boulder, sat with his 11-year-old daughter, India Halliburton-Link. He remembers when India was 4, she surprised him by looking across a restaurant and asking, “Why is that woman so sad?” “You could observe nothing,” Link says. “But it was something she detected.” Link, a former teacher, isn’t sure if his daughter is one, but he has no doubt Indigo children exist. “We all want to believe, on the spiritual side, a little bit more, that the unique is possible, that miracles happen and that there’s a better way,” he says.

As evidence, (particularly of that “penetrating, wise eyes” part), we have a photo of one Crystal and one Indigo child:

Remind you of anything? I know it does me:

Now all that creepy mind-reading stuff falls into place, doesn’t it? Indigo kids, let me leave you with this — if all you’re picking up is “Brick wall … brick wall …”, hit the dirt!

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  1. Kyla (Lise's friend!) Says:

    Not to dismiss the stupidity of the Indigo children nonsense (which I don’t think originated in Boulder…I’ve been hearing about it for years), but I must challenge your statement that Boulder is the silliest place on earth. I lived in Santa Cruz, California for three years in college, and I’m pretty sure they can top Boulder. My senior year of college there was a SERIOUS drive to OUTLAW HATE in city limits. It didn’t get onto the ballot because of some technicality, but fortunately for citizens the city council went ahead and passed the resolution on its own. Whew. No hatin’ in SC. (The city council does this sort of thing routinely…they’ve also issued statements condemning the Chinese invasion of Tibet, for instance. Good to know they’ve solved all the city’s problems. Oh, and they once raised the city’s minimum wage to $11.25/hr. Not sure how that one turned out, honestly.)

  2. Niki Says:

    (got here through geobabe!)

    The indigo children pictured remind me less of Stepford-Village of the Damned-Children of the Corn as they do of Mark Hamill, slightly stoned. Or perhaps, a creepy clone-hybrid of Mark Hamill and Jim Breuer.

  3. DOobieoud Says:

    Ten traits to know if your child is an “indigo child”

    * They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).

    In other words, their parents are spinless idiots who are afraid to discpline their children to prevent “supressing” their uniqueness!

    * They have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others don’t share that.

    Ah yes, the “entitlement generation”.

    * Self-worth is not a big issue; they often tell the parents “who they are.”

    YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I am an indigo child!

    * They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).

    In other words, they have a hard time when someone says no because their parents never said no.

    * They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.

    Because their parents are their friends, not their parents. No one tells them no or disciplines them.

    * They get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don’t require creative thought.

    I suppose I can let this pass, but again “I WANT to do it MY way!”

    * They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (nonconforming to any system).

    Props on this one at least.

    * They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.


    * They will not respond to “guilt” discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did”).

    Because their parents never gave them a sense of guilt or shame. Again, this is more bad parenting than being speshul or yooneek!

    * They are not shy in letting it be known what they need.

    And when they grow up, they come to my office and say lines of crap like “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!” or “OMG, this school is SO MEAN!”

    I think this “phenomena” is a result of the piss poor parenting skills of dirty hippie new agers and their fear to do anything which would actually result in discipline or training their children.

  4. Doobieous Says:

    Aww crap, the indigo children have affected my typing abilities!

    Thinking about it, Indigo Children are the progeny of Veruca Salt “But Daddy, I want to be an Indigo Child NOOOOOW!”

  5. site admin Says:

    And, Indigo kiddies — do not go to the barn with this guy.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa, the research is just on people. People who are publishing these things are not and will not be 100% accuarte. Keep an open mind for the future

  7. Mark Says:

    At the local Blockbuster in Boulder there’s even a video called “Indigo” on Indigo children. I watched it once, since I had heard of this “phenomenon” (can’t help it living in Boulder) and just about barfed. Indeed the children in the movie acted like royalty, almost expecting to be worshipped. The acting was so stilted and the message of the movie practically beat you over the head with a 2×4. Apparently the movie was made (directed, produced, whatever) by the same people who made “What the *bleep* Do We Know?”, a film created by a local Boulder County resident (can’t remember who). These people must love isolation among like-minded people, only hearing their own thoughts, because I can’t imagine how they can get by in the real world.

    Reminds me of a comedian I heard comment on Boulder many years ago, named “Swami Beyondananda”. I remember he said something like: “The criminals in Boulder are amazing. While they’re robbing you they’ll ask, ‘Why are you creating this reality?'” LOL!

  8. Mike L Says:

    I’m a father Indigo, and the father of two Indigo children and one crystal child.
    Long live us children of the new age!!

  9. Master Eva Says:

    I am an older Indigo and know where they came from in our universe and why they are here. I know the makeup and hope others who judge open eyes with wisdom instead of ignorance and see that these specail beings are here to help the earth during Jesus second coming. Jesus said, let the young children come….read more at with 4 million hits.

  10. you know or do you? Says:

    i have always been aware of a hidden truths since i was a child & as i became older it kind of started feeling like the feeling you get when your trying remember the name of that song and you can feel it on the tip of your tounge. i have always been able to see others paths but not my own, what makes me laugh is that i can feel presences around me but i can’t hear or see them i think i’m starting to feel what they are trying to say . the other night i think for the first time i felt and knew who was with me i had a mechanic who i met through his son who is a friend he is an old soul and a very good one when i met him when he was 72 and retired and worked on cars in his back yard for extra money he passed from heart problems and i didn’t get a chance to say goodbye but he knew that he was special to me and we were good friends and and somehow we connected . for the past couple of days i kept remembering a saying of his which i will keep to myself so i can get some kind of validation from one of you. the night before last i was in my den and he came to me and so i started to open up to the feeling i soon felt him and a message for his son, my friend and i am really teetering on calling him and telling him and here is where his saying comes to play kinda like a password i guess. so i ask you, am i full of crap? or is it real. need validation please

  11. Denise Guidelli Says:

    I am not well-informed about the existence of indigo children, but I have a true story to tell you:

    I am a mother of two children, both gifts from God. My son, Jarred, is 9. My daughter, Angelica, is 6. Angelica is very unique in many ways. She has the appearance of a cherub, is petite, cute, kind, and has the most piercing blue eyes. My daughter, Angelica, almost died at age 5. One night while she was sleeping, I went in her room to check up on her and she was not breathing and was seizing near death. The day it happened was an unevetful day for her. There was no injury or forwarning of this occurence. After being evaluated, the docter diagnosed her with epilepsy. I thank the lord and the medical staff for sparing my child’s life.

    In a related story, my grandma informed me of a similar occurence with my grandpa’s sister, Mary, who had long past. Mary also had epilepsy. During the 1930’s, these children were institutionalized. At age 5, Mary was suffocated to death by being buried under several mattresses by another child in that institution.

    It is eery of the similarity of these two occurences. My point is that of possible reincarnation, a family member that was lost long ago that might be coming back, on occasions, through my daughter. Indigo, crystal or otherwise, my daugther, as well as my son, are gifts from beyond.

  12. As a responce to the above Says:

    No. It’s called a disease running in your family.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Although there are many people who are focusing on the “ordinary” behavioral characteristics of the children labeled “Indigo”, what seems to not be so talked about is their MISSION. Let me give you an example: I have been talking with my niece for the last 3 years about what she dreams… what I dream of. We both communicate with spirits using all senses… clairaudience, clairsentience and clarvoyance. We have both received messages of our role in the near future. She had been told she walks between 2 worlds (spirit and earth planes), is here for a Mission which will come to “be” when she is in her early 20’s (this would be 2012 of the Mayan calendar) and that she will be guided by someone close to her. Many of her friends also are receiving this message/mission at night time and don’t understand much of what they are experiencing. They see spirits, talk with them and many pre-teens are “visiting” each other during the night (astral travel). They have not been exposed to this information and they definately are not acting all royal… they are frustrated because they can’t find many, if any, adults that believe their experiences. What child doesn’t want to be heard and/or recognized?
    I have had many same psychic experiences as a child and have not only retained these gifts but have learned how to work with them. I have received messages about teaching these children; to guide them in understanding what is happening. My niece and I have seen the same spirit guides; receive similiar messages. Understand this; these “children” KNOW WHY THEY ARE HERE… how lucky they are to have such connection to their life purpose while most people struggle to understand the big question “why am I here”? Their frustration and confusion will lead to understanding if they are guided without ego (that would be our ego; not theirs). I for one will be doing what I can to establish a community support group (not for profit) to help the children and their parents understand how their gifts can be used for healing body;mind and soul.

  14. kaity Says:

    in 2012 the world will end. demons and dark indigo children will end the world.

  15. site admin Says:

    Hee, hee! This is what happens when you leave a post open to comments indefinitely. If kaity is a spambot, then my hat is off to her/its algorithm. If not, then let me just say that I want to be the first to welcome our new indigo overlords.

  16. phoenix Says:

    The concept of Indigo Children is not as crazy as you may think. My daughter, now 14, has always been a little ‘different’. Believe me, I do not spoil her. I say “no”, I set boundaries, etc but every day is a struggle…sometimes I win, sometimes I compromise, depending on the issue. I don’t dare say “because I said so” anymore unless I wish to have a long, drawn out discussion on my true reasons. My daughter is very intelligent and always performs at above average on achievement tests, but struggles in school due to the teaching methods. She would rather spend an evening discussing the concept of the universe and possible parallel universes or differences/similarities in religion than going to the mall. If you look at the statistics, there has been a great increase in children born that are labeled ADHD, which my daughter has also. The genetics of humans is changing. I know, sounds wacko, but think about it. If we truly evolved from the Neanderthals, you can see the changes throughout evolution. What is so crazy about the notion that humans are evolving, becoming more intelligent or in tune, so to speak?? That is the backbone of Indigo Children theory. They aren’t sent here from aliens or God, they are just a new breed of humans…an improved version…the next Einstein, Galileo, da Vinci, Socrates, Michelangelo, Dante, Shakespeare, Darwin, Tesla, Bach…you get my point.

  17. Sabi Says:

    I (according to the government of Canada) am an Indigo Child….. I had originally been advised of such by a psychic but allowed that information to get into the wrong hands (Freemasonry and CSIS)….. CSIS is Canada’s CIA, as it were….

    So this is what they did…. they conned me out of my career (the matter is too complex to go into here) but the manner they did this was in having me believe a job was waiting while an existing service contract was ending…. no scruples about costing me $100,000 annual salary…. and today I am flat broke….

    Now…. what they have done is turn my home into a private laboratory of “Indigo study”…. 2 ways (both insidious)

    1// Via satellite technology my life is a 24hr/day radio station being broadcast on a private frequency… after a while (it’s been over 2 years)… you realize that honking cars are responding to you
    2// Via a technology known as CCD’s or charged coupled devices it is possible to literally watch me through the power grid (lamps, light bulbs, etc….)…. high end Canadian espionage, this.

    If you are not Canadian then you should understand that our front end bs about being a humanitarian nation is just that… bs…. the gov’t of Canada feels itself entitled to turn a man’s home into a concentration camp.

    If you are (or believe you are) an Indigo Child, TELL NO ONE. NO ONE AT ALL.

  18. site admin Says:

    Phoenix, meet Sabi.

  19. Andrea Says:


  20. site admin Says:

    Andrea, you may want to try the decaf.
    With Phoenix and Sabi, you seem to have the nucleus of a discussion group started. Please let us know how it goes.

  21. Jennifer McCoy (an indigo adult) Says:

    Ya’ll are just JEALOUS you can’t read people, WE KNOW WHEN YOU ARE LYING, you guys just suck, we are better than you because you will never understand what it likes being an indigo/crystal child/adult……………… So PISS OFF!!!!!!!!! and get on wiht your pathetic little lives……………….. cause we have real work to do in this fucked up world.

  22. site admin Says:

    Andrea, Phoenix, Sabi — I think Jennifer will add a touch of class to your meetings.

  23. Natalie Says:

    Mwahaha you people are so hilariously sarcastic! xD
    ‘Specially “site admin” *high five*

  24. Jimmy Says:

    Hey i’m very intersted in this about indigo, starchild and more . I realy belief that it’s real and i whould like to learn more about it and surely meet people like this. if someone could help me on the way this is my mail

    A reason of my interest is that i also expiried things that were difficult to explain. Mosely it happens when i’m ready to fall a sleep and one time even while i was sleeping but it realy felt like i was awake and fall back in my own body. I already had a lot of those stuff that’s to diffucult to explain and nobody i know can help me with this. But i have the feeling there is more to it.
    I live in belgium and in this small country i think i will never find someone who understand this and/or could axplain more.
    And i realy hope to ever meet someone who is indigo,etc.

  25. Chlotis Says:

    It seems… to me… that an Indigo child would have a much more humble and selfless manner… than to proclaim to those who don’t agree or insult them that they “ARE FUCKING INDIGO!” and then curse them. If these are the peace builders of tomorrow, may they soon find the inner peace and chill necessary to begin any sort of socially just endeavor.

  26. Pre-97-Indigo Says:

    Thought I’d add my 2cents.

    Phoenix said:

    “My daughter is very intelligent and always performs at above average on achievement tests, but struggles in school due to the teaching methods. She would rather spend an evening discussing the concept of the universe and possible parallel universes or differences/similarities in religion than going to the mall.”

    This describes me to a ‘T’.

    I also (as a child) NEEDED an explanation of WHY rules were there. Often I would actually get myself in trouble (in home, school, and church) because I would ask the simple question of “WHY?”
    I was NOT an aggressive child, and was not asking this question for the sake of being rude, rebellious, or in any way disrespectful. I simply wanted to know WHY.

    It is hard to truly describe the reason for this kind of outlook, but the truth is it stems from a deep kind of inner knowing. Most rules are there for protection or help. When an Indigo (if I can call myself that (born in 82)) is met with a bad rule, or one that is simply foolish, they often naturally reject it. I was NOT a troublemaker as a child, yet I would often get in trouble because people could not understand me or where I was coming from.

    My point is this, I don’t think indigos have to be rebellious or aggressive. I was raised to behave respectfully and have found authority figures (later in life) to be helpful rather than hurtful and for this I’m quite grateful.

    However, our world is full of Illogical morons who are destroying society. An indigo reacts negatively to people of this kind of mind set.

    I’ll give an example to explain what I mean and then I’ll finish my thoughts up (sorry for the long post by the way).

    I’ll just say that a cat I know is very affectionate even to strangers. This cat is naturally very friendly and not aggressive at all. However, a person I know equates radiates a kind of darkness wherever they go. I can sense this, and can’t even stand a phone call from them many times, let alone being in the same room.

    The cat, can pick up on this as well. This cat (while normally extremely affectionate) reacts to this person with fear, and dread even when they are sincerely trying to be nice and just pet it.

    What makes this person this way I can not say, but my point is this:
    Just like the cat reacts to them, Indigos react to people with a kind of “darkness” inside the same way. An enraged indigo rebelling against an authority figure is expressing a similar (though much lower scale version) response as the world against Hitler in WWII.

    Those that try to say indigos are just brats are only PARTLY right. Yes I believe people often have trouble raising indigos, but I think this is partly because the parents need to learn how to think like their children.

    While authority figures at school never really “got me” and always gave me a hard time even when I sincerely just wanted to understand how things worked, my parents DID learn to understand me, and today we have a great relationship.

    But my parents CHANGED over time because of me and my siblings. We (unintentionally) transformed our parents from having the normal mind set, to kind of awakening them to higher kinds of thought.

    One could argue based on this, that WHATEVER the reason, indigos are having a profound effect on their environment. Whatever indigos are, they are changing human consciousness little by little, day by day.

    Finally, about this section of what phoenix said:
    “She would rather spend an evening discussing the concept of the universe and possible parallel universes or differences/similarities in religion than going to the mall.”

    For some reason, indigos have a kind of innate knowing. I won’t elaborate since I’ve said so much already, but as an example:

    The other day a instantaneous thought popped into my head. This thought was like an incredibly dense packet of information. It would take me an hour to explain exactly what it was all about.

    For now I’ll just say it had to do with consciousness being the foundation of our reality, and that I started (for that instance) to realize how it was consciousness its self that was shaping our world, created time and space, and how the WHOLE of reality existed because it was consciousness PERCEIVING its self in such a way as to manifest a form (the universe).

    All of this and more was just suddenly there, on the tip of my tongue.

    Later I watched a video about consciousness on Google Video, where a philosopher basically defines some of these very same ideas much better than I can myself.

    I’ll give you the link for that if your curious (at end).

    The point being, I believe for whatever reason, indigos have a kind of “connectedness” that is innate to them, and it is precisely this that causes them to react the way they do. They innately and intuitively KNOW or at least feel certain things. When what they KNOW to be true or right is met with resistance or rejection, they often will get angry or frustrated.

    I believe it is all of the above that explains why indigos act the way they do.

  27. Pre-87-Indigo Says:

    Meant that to be “87” not 97, and forgot to post the video link

  28. Joe Says:

    Wow… Pre-87, I’m 25 myself, and I’m just in shock right now… because you basically just describe my life, growing up… Especially with how explanations and certain things just come together in your head… I’m probably not making a whole lot of sense right now, but I am just legitimately in shock… I’ve wondered for as long as I can remember, does anybody else have the same thought process as me, constantly questioning everything society does, many times what others refer to as over analyzing, while I see it as examining all the angles… Over recent years my inuitiviness has gotten stronger and stronger, to the point where it just starts to get erie… So much makes sense now… I was always high honor roll, advanced learing, and at the same time, tested for add, adhd, always getting in trouble for not staying focused in the classroom, but ultimately concluded those weren’t really the issue… Chronic headaches in the back of my head that baffled neurologists, even after cat scans and mri’s… In middle school I had a tendency to act out and cause trouble, and at the same time, aced a standardized test… As I’ve entered adulthood, my temper has tamed, and have just become obsessed with philosophy, the secrets of the universe and consciousness, and most of myy college aged friends could simply care less about such things… I’ve heard of indigo children, but never really bother to read into it… I’m honestly still shaking after reading Pre 87’s description of what indigo children do/are, because that’s me, plain and simple… and if that’s the case does that make me something different, or are we crazy… And would the fact that I feel no kind of “kinship” with my father’s side of the family, and only my mothers mean anything ??? if anybody can just explain things to me, because growing up in such a world where the paranormal and extra ordinary are thought of as such taboo topics, it’s hard for me to really accept I’m somekind of hybrid or something…

  29. lottie Says:

    All of you sceptics need to meet my little sister. she has known things from birth that no other child could know. it still scares me a little bit t when she tells me what is going to happen. she can tell people the sex of their un born child and in one occasion told parent to double up on their baby stuff and to no ones suprize the baby turned out to be babies. this was when she was three. now at six she is into outing liess. i will say i am going to a friends and celie will be like”uh no your going to a party” something that i am careful not to discuss around my house. she also finds it amusing to tell people about themselves such as ” you have a drug problem” or “your orange room matches your color” people eprobably think she is a crazy person but my family knows she is just a kid with a indigo ora that can tell you anything everything about anything. watch out for water disasters in 09.

  30. DePaolo Says:

    Heart is racing, i have goosebumps….but i am not suprised…im am beyond sympathizing with you both ( pre – 87 and Joe) i hope you two come back to read this! I too have experience an uncannily similar upbringing….I believe we are whats real! those of us born without the angry or demanding temprament…those of us….”The Early Crystals” … Im having dreams and visions…so to speak…cryptic..but im coming to truely understand them…we are a natural response to this technilogical age in which “WE” as human beings feel sooo disconnected from each other and the world as a whole….Those of us who are naturally more connected to those around us, the universal consciousness, and perhaps a preprogrammed sense of the world in chaos and what must be done to fix it…we are playing it by ear so it is difficult to say exactly how this may all come about….BUT I KNOW THIS….IM 24 years old….and i really feel that myself and a handful of others are here to bring balance to everything, through understanding, patience, and especially UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! WE are the pioneers! and we want nothing but to bring healing to this bleeding world….let the masses who dont understand say what they want! waste your time not with punishing them verbally for what they dont understand or have no faculties to….These people are born blind…and as such just dont see the light as “WE” do…they are not stupid…they just dont know any better! Spend your time enlightening yourself… LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN…HISTORY, SCIENCE, THE ARTS and ANYTHING that matters to you, EVEN THE THINGS THAT DONT! LEARN AS MANY LANGUAGES AS YOU CAN!!! WE MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE!!!! WE are here to mend this broken world we live in…WE are here to be the leaders of tomorrow and to guide the indigos and crystals born now to their positions in this long but beautiful healing process… WE MUST BE STRONG!!! WE ARE THE FIRST COMING!!! AND WE MUST ACCEPT OUR RESPONSIBILTY!!!! CONNECT WITH YOUR FELLOW ENLIGHTENED SPIRITS AND TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE THE UNIFIED GOAL “WE” KNOW EXISTS FOR US!!! FOR ALL OF US!!!

  31. Logos Says:

    I must apologize for the way some of my brothers and sisters have responded, but you must understand that we have been misunderstood since the day we arrived on this planet, and our unbridled, often tasteless rage is a necessary component of the crucial work that is to come about. As for those of you who contend that we are simply a result of bad parenting, i thank you for your candor and for choosing such a difficult path of experiential learning in you own development here, i have always loved a challenge and would not have needed to come if this kind of ignorance were less prevalent. In my own understanding of myself i have contemplated the psychological explanations available for my perspectives on life, i.e. Adult children of alcoholics, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, schizotypal, etc, but after all this onecriteria common to allof these is excluded…we the indigo/ crystal people have always had a sense of obligation to making the world a better place for EVERYONE. Schools and parents trained by these in the present, but soon to be past system, have alwaus taught us to learn the ways of consumation. By this i mean to take and take to no end. Those of you who contest the validity of our existence, i ask you, what is the purpose of your life? To become educated, make more money, whorde this while your neighbor starves, have children, and teach them to do the same until every last resource on the planet is depleted while presently detaching from this reality in the hopes there will be enough until your body dies? Isnt that the american dream? This dream is quickly becoming a nigjtmare. We are here to help you make the jump in cognition and vibration away from taking and towards receiving through giving. Spiritual energy is the most abundant, inexhaustible, and absolute power in the universe. Indigos have inherent abilities for telepathy, bilocation, remote viewing, telekinesis, and so forth. These abilities will be crucial to the survival of the human race when things like cell phones, computers, and automobiles can no longer be fueled by depleted ‘standard’ energy sources. Just because you cannot identify as an indigo does not mean you dont have a soul. I challenge you to seek within yourself, what is your meaning, your calling, your purpose in life. Join us in the inevitable shift towards harmony and true peace on this home of ours, you are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem, and problems can no longer be tolerated…

  32. Pre-87-Indigo Says:

    Never thought I’d come back here. Was clearing out my list of bookmarks and ran across it. Interesting replies to what I wrote.

    I will add this though I don’t know if anyone will read it…

    I don’t know if I am an Indigo for sure or not ( a fact I eluded to in my original post), but if I am, then what is missing from the equation is real abilities. I have always been an intuitive person, but I don’t have any real psychic abilities (though I have always thought I SHOULD, as if I’m waiting to have them unlock).

    As an adult, I’ve studied everything paranormal / religious / spiritual you can imagine, and know a great deal about every subject. Yet I have still not had any tangible results.

    I must admit my lifestyle swings from moderately good, to just plain bad, and this is probably having a negative effect on my “potential”.

    Still, I’ve spent a lot of time meditating and trying to have a “break through” which never seems to come.

    The closest thing I’ve had to a real spiritual experience is some CRAZY dreams. My dreams often are quite vivid and complex, and many times are full of symbolism and hidden meanings. When I have dreams like this, I know something important happened or that I was meant to learn something….but that’s about it.

    (The most dramatic example I can put here quickly was a dream about some incredibly powerful entity sitting on a throne discussing to another entity how they were going to change how they interacted with humanity (like a new kind of governing system or something) (this was about 2 years ago now)).

    I might be saying too much here, but my purpose in writing this is two fold:

    1) If I can’t actually do anything tangibly psychic, does that make me something OTHER than an indigo?

    2) I’ve long searched for answers, if someone has a link or some way of learning more about this sort of thing, I’d be grateful for the info.

    PS: If you guys haven’t heard of it, I strongly suggest you look into a radio show called Coast to Coast AM. Its a show that covers just about every topic imaginable. I got hooked on it while working nights about 5 years ago.

    They will often have guests on that cover these kinds of topics (in fact they had a show once dedicated to this very topic).

    Here’s their website:

  33. Pre-87-Indigo Says:

    CORRECTION: I should add that I HAVE had some real paranormal experiences when I was a child that went away after reaching adolescence.

    I won’t go into those stories here because this is probably not the best place for that sort of thing….

    Lets just say from as young as I can remember (2 to 3’ish?) till around 13 I had off and on “attacks” from entities if you will. My parents thought I was under “demonic attack” (their interpretation since they were (and still are) quite religious Christians).

    Since then I’ve learned enough to know it may have been something else, but it was QUITE real, and QUITE frightening. (Often times this would happen when I was fully awake).

    At any rate, I’m adding this because I’m a perfectionist of sorts, and didn’t feel right about saying I’ve never had any kind of spiritual (or whatever) experience, when in fact I’ve seen things (as a child) that were most definitely not physical.

    For some reason around adolescence my “sight” went away…

  34. just noticing... Says:

    One thing I notice – you Crystals and Indigo have horrible spelling skills and your grammar is atrocious. May I assume that those things will not matter once you’ve brought peace and harmony to the world?

  35. Pre-87-Indigo Says:

    Guess I don’t need to say I haven’t had any experience anymore, Just had my first Astral Projection. Hope there are more. It wasn’t a TRUE AP, because it turned into a NON-Lucid Dream, but I know it was real because I was aware for the “exit” if you will. I “awoke” into a dream thinking I had just awakened from an AP, but was still dreaming and didn’t know it. Then awoke later. So I wasn’t aware for the actual projection.

    However, I am sick with a sinus infection and took some ibuprofen before I fell asleep…don’t know if that had an effect on things….’

    Also…I don’t think I have all that bad of spelling ( I use Fire Fox with a built in spell check). This exact post I’m about to post has no “red lines.”

    But irregardless, I usually post when I’m very tired anyway so I’m not gonna have the greatest spelling / grammar. This is probably true for others.

    Just out of curiosity, how did someone such as yourself run into this site? Are you interested in this subject matter? If not, why bother?

    Also, this will probably be my last post. I haven’t done a complete reformat in a while and I’m gonna lose all my bookmarks once I do. I don’t really feel like taking the time to copy them, and since this thread moves at a snail’s pace I don’t see the point. (I’m not all that helpful anyway).

    Anyway, glad to hear my original post was helpful to some, and hope I haven’t said too much about myself.


  36. Carrie Says:

    If I knew an Indigo Child who wanted to know why he had to wait for the light to turn green before crossing the street, I’d tell the precocious darling to walk into the middle of a busy street and find out for himself. Nothing beats real life, right?

    There is no such thing as “Indigo Children.” These are just individuals who are bored with ordinary life and want to feel special. Or else they have an undue sense of entitlement thanks to parents who have an arrogant need to feel their children are superior to other people’s. Grow up and get over yourselves. No one else thinks you’re special–just tedious and self-absorbed.

  37. jr curious Says:

    Well i am interested i might have children that are indigo or crystal or such don’t know much about the topic…i don’t think this is a false thing i think these children are a reality but i wonder if there indigo’s from further back in the past what about all the great people from history philosopher’s genius minded people in all areas in life science,arts,math etc………that were possibly indigo people most people like Einstein, Bach,Divine’s the list is long have similar qualities to these indigo children….. i would love to learn more about them and would love to be in a discussion room with a group of them it would be quite interesting and enlightening, yes in the end these children are special just like the rest of God’s Children we are created in God’s image and all have a amazing purpose here on this Awesome planet …some of us don”t know our life purpose and and some never unfortunately find out i am in my 40 ‘s and still question what i am here for i know one thing i am here to raise my children but there is something else i am suppose to do and i am not in the age bracket to be considered to be a indigo person but i have had experiences since young childhood that are similar to that of a indigo child visions, hallucinating, when asleep flying out my window and and flying in the night over the place were i lived , hard time in school , concentrating and i have always felt that i am not in the right place i did not fit in still fill that way some times , but my children especially the oldest i believe him to be one of these indigo’s the only thing is he questions God and his existence and he went through most of his teens believing in nothing Atheist i guess is what you would call it he is diagnosed ADD also very intelligent did well on tests had hard time in school etc…… but to end on a good note being open to this is not saying you have to believe but be open to differences in people why is hard to accept this to be possible i think it has to go with the way the world is losing its faith and that is a sad sad thing , why is it easy to war and hate then to have peace and love !!! if every one in the world was positive, kind , and loving and peaceful imagine that !!;))

  38. Ted Says:

    Im an Indigo adult. I always knew when danger lurked about or if someone hostile, hurt. On the way to school, I knew of a car accident minutes before and it happened in front of me. I know who calls me before answering. Can tell if a person is lying by feel. Eat vegs, no meat esp trash from fast-food joints its poison. We are the future, end of academics soon and wars, greed and folly.

  39. Wilson Says:

    I am an Indigo type. I’m from the Philippines. Indigo types also called the Davinci types, just google about the Da Vinci method. They are not a result of wrong parenting as one of the poster says. People are all different and regardless of what kind of parenting they have in the past. There were even a lot of bad guys where if you will trace them back to their childhood lived in a family with a well-disciplined upbringing and good parenting and despite of it they end up enemies of the society – criminals. Indigos/Davincis are really different yes they can be antisocial because they dont conform to the usual norms of the society – they have strong willpower and impulsive, assertive and can be violent. They are the brave ones.

  40. james Says:

    The New Age religion is designed to be the global religion of the New World Order. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!!!!!! The indigo phenomena is real but it is NOT A GOOD THING!!!!!!! It is in fact evil. The spirits these kids are being guided by are demonic entities no matter how loving the spirits seem or full of “light”. The new age religion is heavily promoted by the United Nations which is designed to be the World Government. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!!! Lucis Trust publishes the UN’s material. Lucis was originally Lucifer Trust founded by Blavatsky who was a satanist. All this about oneness and peace and love is a deception to disguise evil intentions. All this about evolving to higher consciosness is bullshit. GOD created humanity in perfection at the beginning.How can one improve on a creation of God? This indigo cult is a glorification of narcissism. Feeling special and being loving does not go hand in hand.

  41. Vikutta Says:

    Ok, to James… I know a James that is skeptic about indigo children and auras I TRIED to talk to him about it but he was unresponsive as i had not expected… if this is him I wont be surprised he always is a close-minded arrogant piece of shit who is so certain he knows what he is talking about… I don’t know what he’s playing at but this is to the James who posted that comment on this website on April 11th, 2010 at 7:04 pm.

    …nothing big… I just want to tell you, that you believe you understand Satanism, which you don’t… You believe you have used the term “Satanist” correctly in your comment, which you didn’t… and by now you probably believe I am a satanist, which I’m not, though I DO believe it makes more sense than any religion out there and I DO believe it is smarter that any religion out there by the words from THIS man, who is not a satanist… he brings about many points that you WILL understand… I don’t know if you will come back to this website to click this URL… maybe you will and you will stop being so gullible by believing everything you hear from others who are probably idiots who most likely did not show you proper evidence of their claims or probably had no evidence AT ALL, or did have evidence, but assumed something hysterical… or least likely, were telling the truth…

    so you just check that out… anyone else who pour all of their hopes into religions that are based on striking fear into their SOULS, watch that also…. you might learn something and change your mind… i’m going to stop so i don’t babble on and on… these aren’t symptoms of anything either… neither is posting comments with constant pauses of 3 periods “…”